about us

Sheetal Enterprises started in year 2000 as a Dental Product Trading Company. Initially we have introduced our cutting disc named DENTO FLASH (Completely Indian Innovated “Make in India” Product) way back in the year 2001 in almost all the international sizes. This Product is a “Unique” Product used by Dental Technicians in Dental Labs for preparation of Prosthosis.

Since then this product is liked by the technicians and is widely sold to almost more than 750 labs and 35 dealers all over the country. Along with this product now we sale almost all the product used in Dental laboratory Viz.Carbide burrs, carbide cutters, Waxes, Die spacers, Die hardner, Aluminium oxide, Wax separator, crucibles, Articulators, Mandreals and many more as mentioned in our product lists.

We also represent several multinational companies such as Emil lange(ELA Geramany), Protechno(Spain), Morsa Dental (Germany), Horico GMBH (Germany), Dumont (Belgium) etc. With effect from May 2015 we have been appointed as Authorised Distrubutor by one of the leading Multinational Vaccume Furnace manufacturing company named TOKMET-TK (Bulgaria,Europe) for the Indian Terriotory of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil nadu,Andhra Pradesh,Kerala and Orrisa and entire region of South India.

Our important theme of Marketing is:

  • On time delivery of product at your door step
  • Quick resolution of any concern of the customer
  • Cost effective products.

We are trying to make strategic initiatives and efforts to strengthen our customer relationship by giving them on time delivery and best possible service at all time.

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