1. Ceramic Material

    1. Ivoclar Vivadent

      IPS Classic is an established brand for metal-ceramic system that offers a high degree of precision and creativity. The IPS Classic ceramic material is available in A-D shades.

      DENTAMATIC 500 Chameleon MX
      DENTAMATIC 500 Chameleon MX
      DENTAMATIC 500 Chameleon MX
      DENTAMATIC 500 Chameleon MX

    2. Dentsply

      Ceramco3 material of dentsply is available with us. The Ceramco3 ceramic material is available in A-D shades.

    3. Noritake
    4. Noritake opaque pastes are available with us. The Noritake ceramic material is available in A-C shades.

  2. Waxes

    1. Morsa

      All range of Morsa waxes are available with us. It is available in 70g tin.

      1. Cervical Wax (Red, Ivory)
      2. Pattern Wax (Green, Pink)
      3. Esthetic Wax(White, Ivory)
      4. Blockout Wax (Pink)
      5. Occlusion Wax (White, Off White)
      6. Sprue Wax (2mm to 3.5mm Blue)
      7. Cast Partial Mess (Red)

    2. Innovative
    3. Innovative products include product manufactured and marketed by Sheetal Enterprises.

      1. Waxes

        It is available in 250gm pack.

        1. Inlay Wax -Blue
        2. Pattern Wax -Orange, Green, Coffee
        3. Margin Wax- Red, Yellow
        4. Alpar wax- Sky blue
        5. Occlusion wax-Bright White, Off White

      2. Liquids

        It is available in 35ml/500ml/1000ml pack

        1. Die Hardner White
        2. Die Spacer (Silver, Red, Golden, Blue)
        3. Wax Separator (Lemon)
        4. Ceramic Separator
        5. Debubbliser (Green)

  3. Carbide burs

    1. Edenta Carbides

      Edenta Carbides (Swiss) available in different shapes and sizes. Edenta mandreals are also available.

    2. ELA Carbides

      ELA Carbide burs (Germany) Dental Laboratory burs are typically made of tungsten carbide and diamond grit.

      Following sizes are available with us:

      • ELA1/005,1/006,1/008,1/009,1/010,1/012,1/014,1/016,1/018,1/021,1/023,1/029,1/031--Round Tip
      • ELA 31/021, 31/023--Straight Fisher
      • ELA33/008,33/009,33/010,33/012,33/014,33/016,33/018,33/021,33/023--Tappering Tip
      • ELA 231/023--Carving disc cerated tip
      • ELA 2/012, 2/014, 2/016, 2/018, 2/021, 2/023--Inverted Cone tip

    3. Horico Carbides

      Horico Carbides (Germany) available in different shapes and sizes. Horico carbides are known by its quality and durability.

  4. Sintered Diamond Burs

    Horico Sintered diamond burs and diamond discs are available with us. Diamond burs texture being smooth and rough depend on diamond grit size used. Diamond discs are available in flexible, perforated, cerated and thick type.

  5. Cutting Discs

    Dento Flash cutting discs are manufactured for use in dental labs for cutting sprue. Dento flash wheels can be used on metals as well as on ceramics. These wheels have been successfully manufactured in India for the first time. The wheels are performing very well and are in great demand.

    These discs are available in following different sizes:

    1. 24x0.3x1.6
    2. 24x0.6x1.6
    3. 24x2.2x1.6
    4. 31.75x0.6x1.6
    5. 31.75x1.6x1.6
    6. 31.75x2.2x1.6
    7. 38x0.6x1.6
    8. 38x1.0x1.6
    9. 38x1.6x1.6
    10. 40x0.7x1.6
    11. 40x1.0x1.6

    Apart from the standard sizes wheels with the specific need can also be supplied.

  6. Investment Powder

    1. Protechno

      Protechno (Italy) is one of the oldest and reputed brand in field of Investment powder

      It is available in two types for both metal and Ceramic Investment.

      1. It is available in two types for both metal and Ceramic Investment.
      2. Calibra M White Metal Investment (18 kg pack)

    2. Innovative

      Available in both ceramic and white metal Investment powder.

      1. Innovative Ceramic Investment (13.5kg pack+2litre liquid)
      2. Innovative White Metal Investment (18kg pack+ 2litre liquid)

  7. Crucible

    Kerr (Canada) crucible of good quality, strength and long life span is available. Induction Casting crucibles are also available.

  8. Buildup Brushes

    Dento Flash buildup brushes are made up of finest natural kolinsky hairs.


    1. Finest kolinsky buildup brush 6’No
    2. Finest kolinsky buildup brush 8’No
    3. Finest kolinsky buildup brush 10’No
    4. Glaze kolinsky buildup brush
    5. Stain kolinsky buildup brush

  9. Sand Blasting Media

    Aluminum Oxide or Alumina (sand blasting media) is the most widely used material in the family of engineering ceramics. It is used for multiple purposes including divesting the casting investment materials and increasing effective surface area for enhancing the mechanical retention strengths of succeeding applied fired porcelain or luting cements. It is available in following grits:

    1. 50 µ
    2. 100 µ
    3. 110 µ
    4. 150 µ
    5. 250 µ

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